Your staffing company’s website is a sales tool. If you’re attempting to convince candidates they should work with you by way of sales copy and stock photos, you’re missing out on the many opportunities of storytelling.
staffing agencies solutions

staffing agencies solutions

Staffing companies have a ton of stories to share—just waiting to be told. Aside from a source of content, why should staffing agencies share company, candidate, and client stories?
Find the Story
Content curation has to be a team effort, especially at recruitment companies were the person creating the content isn’t speaking to candidates and clients on a daily basis. Encourage recruiters to be on the lookout for:
– An experience of a job seeker working with your company
– Candidates adept to telling their own story. Are they well spoken?
– Case study opportunity. How did your company solve a client’s problem?
– Extract the Narrative
Once there appears to be a story, you’ll have to extract the narrative in order to eventually create content. This is part isn’t always easy.
Dig deeper than the five Ws (who, what, when, where, why). Find the heart of the story. Why will people care about this? Why will your audience care about this story? Will someone learn from it? Will someone be touched by the story? Will your story start a conversation?
Imagine your story is about an associate who faced challenges finding housing on her first nursing assignment. Candidates can learn from an experience like this. Maybe there’s even opportunity to talk about the housing system in staffing and how it can be better. Keep digging deeper.
Document the Story
Now that you’ve got the bones of your story, how will it come to life? Will the associate’s story just be a Q&A on your blog? If you have a great story on your hands that could really start a conversation, give it more life. Move beyond the blog and imagine what you can do visually:
– A video interview
– An audio recorded interview
– Slideshow of photographs with captions
– New section on your website just for candidate stories
Share the Content
Maybe you’ve created a new section of your website for candidate stories and you have this fantastic video. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Next, think of other platforms to share your story. Don’t stop at social media. Are there nursing or IT platforms or communities that might appreciate your video? Where else on the internet can this video be seen and shared? It may take some research but there are career related websites on the internet your candidates are frequenting—you just have to find them.
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