IT Staffing

Better talent. Clearly better results.

Searching for highly qualified IT geeks is tough job - and it isn't getting any easier. You surely need a trusted agency to deliver top notch IT professionals to meet your growing business needs. We are your prior choice for meeting human resource needs, based on your workflow to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities.

Ask IT Consultancy creates difference by landing right talent at your doorstep.

We deliver stupendous recruitment services to our trusted clients which makes us outshine in the row of growing recruitment agencies.

Our recruiters work towards providing best opportunities to employees where they can fully utilize their potential and filling employers basket with topmost talent to lead their business towards success. We believe in bringing smile to millions of faces by offering them their dream jobs. Our deep rooted values and talented team of professionals turn these dreams into reality with their dedicated team work.

Staffing services offered at Ask IT Consulting Inc.

Staffing Structure

We don’t just do staffing instead we create difference!

We don’t take staffing as a duty bound thing instead we relish our role bringing hopes and smiles on millions of faces offering them the jobs they deserve. We satisfy hundreds of clients on daily basis by providing topnotch talented brains to meet their growing business needs.

Our incredible placement retaining rates clearly reflect our knack over others to place top talent within restricted time frame. We have a pool of talented and well trained professionals who hold the courage to turn the rocks with their hard work and dedication.

  • Based on our knowledge of client needs and the skills they typically require, we identify and deliver the finest candidates available through a comprehensive, five-step recruiting process; Planning, Sourcing, Qualification, Closing and On-Boarding.
  • We take time to understand your company, and its culture. This helps us assess your requirements, and develop a plan to get the right talent.
  • We have an extensive database of the top technical professionals, their job profiles, salary structure, where to find them and when they will be available. We understand their preferences, and what it takes to get them on-board.
  • We have a comprehensive network of IT professionals, and we use our referral-based sourcing to improve our selectivity, and effectiveness to choose the top talent for any given requirement.
  • We qualify resource candidates through careful analysis of their skills, their preferences and their work history to ensure you get a qualified candidate who meets your specified skill qualifications, culture and cost and is committed to your project.
  • We communicate with our candidates continuously throughout the staffing process which results in higher success in closing the selected candidate.
  • We customize our on-boarding process for each client’s unique needs so that resources show up on time, ready to go from day one.
  • We work in a wide variety of models. We work with most of the leading MSP organizations and VMS software systems. We work direct with clients who want both onsite and offshore IT talent.
  • We believe timely and effective communication with our clients and our professional consultants is a key component to achieving successful project completion through sustained consultant performance and retention until project completion.
  • We are fully committed to being a valued partner to you for all of your staffing resources.